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“The hardest thing in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which bridge to burn.”

But being a student, the hardest thing to choose in life is which career to adopt and which career to leave. Almost each one of us holds the esteem status of being a student once in our lifetime but when it comes to choosing a career, many of us usually adopt the wrong path, sometimes kneeling down because of intense peer and society pressure or sometimes due to absence of proper career counseling.

“Mom, I hate Biology; I do not want to become a doctor,” Sana was yelling at the top of her voice biting her finger nails as she always does in extreme anxiety. Her mother became panicked on hearing her thoughts and tried to convince her by saying that all her cousins are doctors and doctors have great respect and status in the society. Sana, on realizing the fact that her mother would never listen to her no matter what she says, walked out of the room banging the front door behind her in anger. Her mother became extremely worried and decided to talk to Sana’s father as he was the only one who could convince her in this matter.

Sana’s family is not only the sole victim of this tragedy; rather we come across scores of such families daily who are facing the more or less same nerve wrecking situation  regarding their children’s future. As soon as their child passes his/her matriculation exam, the parents start worrying about the future career of their child. The poor soul is bombarded with ideas and suggestions about his further education. Not only the parents but in some cases, the whole family of the boy or girl becomes passionately involved in this sacred task as if they are doing a great deed by paving a way for the bright and prosperous future of their relative.

Being a student, I still remember the charm of becoming the first doctor or first engineer of the family. I still cherish those moments of my life when my elder sister got her MBBS degree and my parents were more joyous than ever as she was the pioneer doctor of our family. Most of the parents convince their children to adopt the profession of doctor or engineer just to earn prestige or fame in the society forgetting the very fact whether their child has the aptitude towards this profession or not.

The most appalling situation that almost every other student of Pakistan faces is which career to adopt in future. Unfortunately, there is no proper institution available for career counseling of students in our country, nor our teachers or elders capable enough to guide a student properly about his future career because of which students have to suffer a lot in their practical life. Owing to the non-availability of proper career guidance and counseling in Pakistan, majority of the students waste many precious years of their lives wandering here and there in vain. They are unaware of their aptitudes and potentials which destroy their ability to think rationally and realistically about their future education. It is the reason that today we have numerous well-educated people in our society but we lack the truly competent people who possess the knack to revamp the world. Due to the professional dilemma of these suffering people, our beloved country Pakistan, instead of progressing by leaps and bounds, is continuously facing a constant downfall in its major arenas of life.

Lack of proper career guidance and counseling is not the only hurdle in the way of right career choice; rather most of the students adopt a certain profession because of peer pressure or to avoid the humiliation from the society. Some of the students bow down before their parents’ wishes and risk their future career. Due to this heart rendering fact, many youngsters are unable to fulfill their desires and as a result become frustrated causing harm not only to themselves but to their profession as well. It is a very obvious fact that if a teacher is not satisfied with his profession, he will never be successful in educating his students. Similarly a discontented doctor may prove fatal for his patients.

There was a time when parents and relatives force their children to adopt few known professions like doctor, engineer or teacher because according to them, they are the safest and surest ways of long term success and a guarantee of bright future for their children , especially for girls who already have very limited choice of career in Pakistan. As the world progresses, different and varied careers emerge for the students which not only utilize their abilities in the best way but also ensure a bright and prosperous future for them. Now the children of respected families are making their way into the fields of music, art, space craft and business making affluent progress in no time. Despite this fact, majority of our youth is still incapable of making right decisions about its future and as a result undergo tragic failures in their practical lives.

Things to Remember while Choosing a Career

It should always be kept in mind that your career determines your future and is a symbol of your identity. Therefore, one should always be careful and conscious enough while choosing a career.

1)      The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while making a decision about your future field is your interest and aptitude. Every person is blessed with distinct abilities and intellect; therefore, each one of us posses talent and skill different from others. While choosing a career, always adopt a field in which you are interested e.g. if you have literary taste then go for arts and if you possess a scientific brain then adopt the field related to science.

2)      Always opt the career in which the chances of promotion and success are very high because a time will come when you will be strictly in need of money either to raise a family or for further education abroad.

3)    Try to choose a career where working hours are less so that you can also spend quality time with your friends and family. Obviously these people are also significant in one’s life and cannot be neglected due to excessive work pressure.

4)      While deciding a career, never back down or kneel before your parent’s wishes or peer pressure because you are the only one who knows best about your abilities and potentials.

5)      Adopt a profession which is both constructive as well as in relation to cultural norms and values.

6)      Always keep religious boundaries in mind while choosing a career. Never opt for a career which harms or defames your religion in any way.

7)      Don’t forget to consult a professional or some competent person about the pros and cons of your future career.

8)      Last but not the least, work incessantly hard in order to succeed in your career.

After reading all these useful tips, I am sure now it has become very easy for you to choose a career that not only matches your intellect but also brings great success for you in future.

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