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‘Game of Thrones’ makers justify turning Daenerys Targaryen into Mad Queen

'Game of Thrones' makers justify turning Daenerys Targaryen into Mad Queen

Daenerys Targaryen lastly snapped! Yup, what we’re speaking about…

In the second final episode of Game of Thrones ever, the usually calm and picked up wannabe queen took Drogon and flew round King’s Touchdown, ‘Dracarys-ing’ Lannister troopers, harmless civilians and buildings throughout town, thereby changing into what all of us feared she would turn out to be: The Mad Queen.


However frankly, the explanations for such a pointy flip in her character are nonetheless a tad bit unclear. The Northmen had town and the Lannister military had surrendered, leaving their queen Cersei on her personal. So actually, Dany, was all that fiery fury vital?

Properly, in accordance with co-creators David Benioff and DB Weiss, sure. And that’s as a result of she now not has anybody left. Jon Snow – the person Dany loves – betrayed her. Lord Varys – her trusted advisor – betrayed her. Jorah Mormont – a lifelong buddy – is now not alive and neither are two of her dragons – or her “youngsters,” as she known as them. It’s simply Dany and Drogon towards the world now and we noticed that in Sunday’s episode.



“Daenerys has had actually shut friendships and advisors for her whole run on Game of Thrones however these folks have both turned on her or died,” E Information! quoted Benioff as saying in a behind-the-scenes video. “She’s very a lot alone now and that’s harmful for somebody who’s received a lot energy. So, on the very time when she wants steering and people type of shut friendships and recommendation probably the most, everybody’s gone,” he provides.



“Jon is somebody that Dany’s in love with however so far as she’s involved, he betrayed her by telling folks his true identification and likewise by being unable to return her affections at this level,” Benioff says. “I feel that when she says, ‘Let it’s concern,’ she’s resigning herself to the truth that she could should get issues achieved in a method that isn’t nice,” Weiss chimes in. “She selected violence. A Targaryen selecting violence is a reasonably terrifying factor.”



We could not agree however for the showrunners, it was the right storm of circumstances to warrant her determination. “If issues had been totally different, I don’t suppose this aspect of Dany ever would’ve come out. If Cersei hadn’t betrayed her, if Cersei hadn’t executed Missandei, if Jon hadn’t informed her the reality…Like, if all of this stuff had occurred in any totally different method, then I don’t suppose we’d be seeing this aspect of Daenerys Targaryen,” Benioff defined additional.

Weiss believes Dany flipped the switched “so rapidly” and that it was sparked by the sight of the Crimson Preserve. “To her, it’s the house that her household constructed once they first got here to Westeros 300 years in the past,” he reveals. “It’s in that second, on the partitions of King’s Touchdown, the place she’s that image of every part that was taken from her, that she takes the choice to make this private. We needed her to be simply dying from above as seen from the attitude of the people who find themselves on the enterprise finish of her dragon.”



Benioff and Weiss additionally say that they needed to maintain their sympathies “on the bottom” as a result of that’s the place all of the folks truly paying the value for Dany’s choices had been. “There’s a tendency to give attention to the heroic figures and never take note of the individuals who could also be affected by the repercussions of the choices made by these heroic folks,” they clarify.

The trailer for subsequent week’s collection finale options Dany surveying her kingdom. May that imply there may be peace in Westeros now? Guess we’ll discover out this Sunday…

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