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How to contact The News Observers

Please address any correspondence to:

Islamabad Bureau Office

The News Observers
House 1866 , Street 24, I-10/2
Islamabad, 44000

The switchboard number for The News Observers: +92-314-585-5888

or dialing from overseas +92-314-585-5888

For any problems using the website and its links, or general questions and feedback about, email: info@

To contact editorial departments/desks

please take care to send queries to the correct destination as there is no guarantee that messages will be forwarded.

To contact any member of staff

Individual staff can be contacted using this email format: firstname.lastname@

Letters to the editor

Letters for publication should be sent to letters@

Corrections and clarifications of content

It is the policy of The News Observers to correct factual/editorial errors and handle editorial complaints as soon as possible.

Contact: editorial@

[* Please note that queries about subscriptions, vouchers, reader offers, advertising, marketing and other non-editorial areas are not handled by the above. These should be addressed to the relevant departments (see above). Story suggestions should also be sent to the relevant departments.]

Comment Moderation

For more information about comment moderation, click here or contact web@

Advertisers, sponsorship and e-commerce

To find out more about all advertising opportunities in The News Observers

Email: advertise@

Freelance contributions

Story pitches should be sent to relevant editorial department or at

Employment and work experience

If you are interested in working for The News Observers Media Group please click here.

You can also email workforus@ or call +92-314-58-5888


If your query concerns a subscription please click here.

You can also contact

Content distribution and syndication

If you wish to re-publish The News Observers articles or photography, please email editorial@ or call our overseas number (above).

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