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Austria bans headscarves in primary faculties

Austria bans headscarves in primary schools

Austria’s right-wing authorities banned headscarves in major faculties after a regulation was authorised by the country’s lawmakers, reported The Guardian.

The regulation’s text states that it’ll goal any “ideologically or religiously influenced clothes which is related to the masking of the top”.

Nonetheless, the authorities admitted that headgear worn by Sikh boys or the patka and the Jewish kippa is not going to be affected by the regulation.  Different head covers that don’t fall underneath the ban handed on Wednesday consists of medical bandages and rain and snow protectors.

Representatives of each components of the governing coalition, the centre-right Individuals’s Party (ÖVP) and the far-right Freedom Party (FPÖ), clarified that despite the fact that the regulation was worded vaguely it was nonetheless concentrating on the Islamic scarf.

FPÖ Training Spokesperson Wendelin Mölzer stated the regulation was “a sign towards political Islam” whereas the ÖVP MP Rudolf Taschner stated the measure was essential to free women from subjugation.

Austria’s official Muslim neighborhood organisation, IGGÖ, has condemned the proposals as “shameless” and a “direct assault on the non secular freedom of Austrian Muslims”. It has additionally hinted at difficult the validity of the regulation in court.

The MPs from the opposition, alleged that the federal government is concentrated on positive headlines quite than the youngsters’s welfare and voted towards the measure.

Some had been of the opinion that the ban will do extra hurt than good and a few even mocked the federal government by saying there isn’t any proof that women would be taught much less whereas sporting a scarf.

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